Sunday, February 20, 2011

Should you Tweet? Use Facebook? What's a Blog Anyways?

Many of you are familiar with the term social media.  Maybe some of you have embraced it. Others though are probably still asking the questions: “What the heck is social media marketing anyways?” “How can social media help my business?” and “How am I supposed to do this on top of running my business?!”

While modern social media is a fairly new concept for marking, the verdict is pretty much in - utilizing social networks CAN help your business. One business owner found a way to use these new marketing avenues to boost his business -- without having to embark on a giant learning curve himself. The key? Outsourcing!

Following is a wonderful article (found by my accountant Ray Klinc) on the subject of outsourcing your social media marketing. And, if after reading this article you decide to investigate outsourcing for your own business, feel free to contact me for a free consultation on your e-marketing needs!

Read article here:  The 'Landscape' of Outsourcing Social Media