Thursday, June 20, 2013

My online chat with Adobe: The Never Answered Question about Creative Cloud

I am creating this blog post in the interest of providing humor and entertainment. No disrespect to Adobe is intended, as I love their products. However my recent experience with their Online Help system was hysterical.

Today I engaged in what can only be described as "Online-Chat-Hell."  As an Adobe product user with the CS6 software, I had just subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud. I understood from Adobe's FAQ page that these are two separate installations, and that should I ever cancel my CC subscription, I would still be able to use my original CS6 apps, but the CC apps would become inactive.

My question arose when I actually installed Creative Cloud and noticed that all of my CS6 apps where listed with "Update" links next to them. The (hopefully logical) question was "If I update the CS6 apps *through* my CC subscription, will they also become inactive if I ever unsubscribe from CC?

Of course I don't plan to unsubscribe, as I see that this is the future for Adobe Applications. And I like this whole cloud concept. But in the interest of thoroughness, and understanding what the ramifications of my "link clicking" might be, I thought it would be nice to have an answer to my question.  Following is the transcript of my online chat with Adobe - it will either put you to sleep, leave you laughing, or simply leave you as befuddled & confused as I was.

Adobe Rep [name deleted]: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
Kelli: hello
Adobe Rep: Hi Kelli
Adobe Rep: Could you please elaborate the issue clearly?
Kelli: I just upgraded to CC. I noticed that all of my CS6 apps are listed on the pulldown menu with "UPDATE" links next to them. In the event that I ever unsubscribe from CC, will I still be able to use my CS6 apps after these updates?
Adobe Rep: Thank you for the information.
Adobe Rep: I will be glad to check and help you with this issue.
Adobe Rep: Please stay online for 2 to 3 minutes while I check this information for you.
Adobe Rep: Thank you for staying online
Adobe Rep: Kelli, I checked and see that you cannot use the CS6 applications once you installed the CC updates.
Kelli: Huh? You mean if I install the updates, *and* cancel the CC subscription, *then* I can't use the CS6 apps either??
Adobe Rep: Yes Kelli, you are correct.
Kelli: Would I be able to re-install CS6 from my dvd's and use it then? I did pay for the package.
Adobe Rep: Just to confirm, do you own CS6 product?
Kelli: YES!
Adobe Rep: In this case, you can just install CS6 product and use it.
Kelli: So to recap - the CS6 apps will be come inactive if update them through the CC and I later unsubscribe from the CC. I would have to go back to my original installation software and do a re-install. (?)
Adobe Rep: Kelli, please be informed that you cannot update CS6 apps from CC. You need to purchase CS6 full version.
Kelli: What is the problem here? I purchased a full CS6 version last year, and have the dvd set. Can't you see that from my Adobe ID? At the top of my new CC panel on my desktop ALL of my CS6 apps are listed with "Update" next to them.
Adobe Rep: Yes Kelli, once you click on update you will get new features of CC.
Kelli: How do I reach someone else, as I don't think you are understanding the questions that I am trying to ask. (?)
Adobe Rep: I truly understand your concern.
Adobe Rep: Kelli, you can go ahead and install the CS6 product using your installation disk and the serial number and if you update the CC applications, you cannot access CS6 applications and get the new features.
Kelli: That still doesn't make sense. Why would updating the CC applications affect my CS6 applications? My understanding is that they are separate installations. My original question is "If I update my CS6 apps with the CC service, will the CS6 apps become inactive if I unsubscribe from the CC service?" If that is the case, there is no point in my updating the CS6 apps until I am sure I want to keep the cloud subscription, as why would I want to go through a complete re-install of CS6?
Adobe Rep: You can go ahead and update CC applications and it will not affect the CS6 applications that you have installed.
Kelli: I'm not talking about updating the CC apps ... I'm talking about updating the CS6 apps through the Creative Cloud!!!
Kelli: You know - I'm thinking seriously about turning this chat session into a blog post ... I keep asking one question, and you keep answering a different one...
Adobe Rep: Kelli, I will provide you with the link where you can find the information.
Adobe Rep: Are you able to open the link?
Kelli: I have already been to this page, and my question was not answered there, which is why I came to Chat in the first place. The page answers the question about installing both CS and CC packages ["Yes, your existing Creative Suite installation will not be affected by installing the new CC applications. For example, you can install and use both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC on the same computer."] The question it DOES NOT ANSWER is whether updating CS apps from CC will affect them down the road should a user unsubscribe from the cloud. This is a logical question to ask...
Adobe Rep: I checked and see that you can install the CS6 application and CC applications on same computer.
Kelli: Yeah ... I knew *that* going into this. Are you even reading my question(s)?
Adobe Rep: Yes, updating CS6 apps from CC will not affect the installation process you can go ahead and use it without any issues.
Kelli: CS6 apps can still be used, after updating, even if CC subscription is cancelled?
Adobe Rep: You can use CS6  full version perpetual license.

At this point I gave up ... initial question was never answered as far as I can tell...